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GCS Mines

GCS mines is the largest supplier of Dhrangadhra Sandstone Blocks and has been supplying the stone for Residential and commercial projects. We are having expertise in mining and sandstone processing.

GCS mines is specialized in supply of blocks of different sizes and can provide customized shape and sizes as per customers project requirement.

Dhrangadhra(DG) sandstone is one of best quality sandstone, having good compressive strength, hardness & life. Hence from generations, it is been used in built, repair, restoration, renovation and preserving of rich architectural marvels of India – The homes of Gods, Emperors, Kings and Noblemen.

It is used in many ancient temples like Dwarka, Sun Temple at Modhera, Adalaj Vav near Ahmedabad, Baba lovely Masjid, Sayyed Usman Masjid & Muhafiz Khan Mosque at Ahmedabad, Sarangpur Gate at Ahmedabad, , Surya Kund at Simar, Also Archaeology Department works like 13AD Shiv Temple at Puneshwar (Kutch), Surya Temple, Jain Temple and Kanthkot Gate at Kanthkot (Kutch) and many others projects.

GCS mines, our main motto is providing optimum quality sandstone to our customers which stay for years and pass on the culture from one generation to other.